The Journey

Forest journey

Learning oneself

From the trips and falls

When ones life about turns

Flips upside down and inside out

What was once never again

The true self.

Struggling and competing

Merging and blending

Eventual crash


Complete shutdown

Slow rebuild

Lost abilities

Fighting and yearning

What was life

But a mask.

The crash

What once was is long gone

Everything takes time

So much time

Processing is work

Battered and bruised

Bullied and discriminated.

Did they know?

Were they humouring me?

Arms weak from mask holding

Began to slip

Knowledge sought

Fix oneself

Fix oneself

This is oneself.

Was once lightning quick

Sharp and diligent

Will it return?

How long does it take?

Missing out

Beaten down


Bearing one soul

Resembling stepping off a cliff edge

In the hope of catharsis


Will the body heal with the mind?

Pain beats down like a thousand horses