Dear Neurotypical World

Perfectly written.

Adventures of superaspiegrrl

Dear  Neurotypical world,

I am tired
I am tired of playing Annette (or Annette as most people know her)
I am tired of doing and saying things to please you
I am tired of hiding the struggle that furiously rips me apart everyday

I am tired of feeling judged for every misstep in social etiquette (that I still don’t understand)

I am tired of fearing the next social faux pas I will commit
The slip, the blunder,

the next person I don’t recognise,

the next misunderstanding

I am tired of pretending I understand everything

I am tired of pretending that I am OK
that I am enjoying myself
that I am functional
that I am unbroken
that I am fucking “normal”

fuck “normal”

I don’t want to please you
I don’t want to apologise for myself anymore
I don’t want to internalise the meltdowns
I don’t want to stop myself from…

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